My Ferrets: Calvin and Hobbes

To the best of my knowledge, these are the first movies of ferrets made available on the net. The movies were filmed in August 1996 using a vidcam atop an SGI Indy workstation.

Calvin and Hobbes are now in that giant playground in the sky (full of play tunnels, remote control cars with soft tasty wheels, lots of Nerf that's okay to eat, endless supplies of yogurt and raisins, etc.) -- but it's still fun to watch Calvin run around and remember how goofy the two of them were. After all, they're ferrets -- they're supposed to be goofy...and deviously cunning.

Download MPEG movies of Calvin and Hobbes in action!
  • Calvin poses for the camera 394228 bytes
  • Hobbes looks around a bit 1382325 bytes
  • Calvin runs around on the countertop 2323566 bytes
  • X-Ray taken of Calvin (as if ferrets didn't look weird enough on the outside)
  • Side view of Calvin 33kB
  • Same as above, greater detail 962kB
  • What?!? You don't have an MPEG viewer? Well, here are some ancient ones...
  • Win 3.x: 154608 bytes
  • Win 95: 641702 bytes
  • Mac: QuickTime_2.1.hqx 1637790 bytes

  • Davin M. Potts