XMLHttpRequest-RSS-BitTorrent project

Monitoring a BitTorrent server conventionally means having a GUI window running, either minimized or on-screen, at all times alive in the background. Combining the use of XMLHttpRequest calls (every few seconds) with an RSS feed containing status info from a BitTorrent server (updated approx. every second) leads to the creation of a webpage which can be accessed at any time from any browser, but which can be closed and forgotten about until the user wishes to resume monitoring.

A primitive example of what is possible has been derived from an excellent explanation from Apple showing XMLHttpRequest and RSS working together. An RSS feed is being provided by btlaunchmanyrss.py through which we can monitor a BitTorrent v4.x server in almost realtime. The term Ajax refers to the use of XML, of which RSS is an example, so we might otherwise call this project a combination of Ajax and BitTorrent.

See two distinct BT servers being monitored in a live demo here.

Davin M. Potts
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